Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pain au Levain

I'm a lazy blogger and more apt to simply post pics to Facebook...  However, my Pain au Levain (sourdough) last month was my best to date.  I'll double this batch and bake some more this weekend.  I'll give details then...  For now, here are the pics of the last one:


Final dough at the start of the rise

After final shaping (I floured this textured towel 
to get some great looking markings on the bread :) )

This dough is a lower hydration and much easier to form and score properly.  
Definitely my best looking bread ever... :)  Got an awesome amount of oven spring on this.

This was a dinner party "gift" so there's no pics of the crumb.  However, it had a slightly open crumb that was creamy and delicious.  More to come!