Friday, March 16, 2012

Pain au Levain (bake day 2) UPDATED

My starter wasn't quite as active as it should have been and I had to dramatically increase the proofing time prior to bake.  The small boule I made yesterday was "OK" but the crumb was pretty dense.  Today's look's like it's going to be a little better...  Will have to check out the crumb tomorrow morning.

As anticipated, the crumb was pretty dense.  I probably should have fed my starter the night before.  I should also start monitoring the temperature of the dough and the room so I can collect some data on proofing times (just for the heck of it)  I'm pretty sure this just needed to be proofed a lot longer.  Unfortunately, since I was going out last night, I had no choice but to bake it (ready or not :) ) 


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