Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sourdough Bread (back to the drawing board)

I've had two attempts at a sourdough bread this week and both had disappointing results.  I can tell you that making one of these breads is no quick process.  I've seen recipes that call for bulk fermentation times of up to 15 hours and proofing times up to 7 hours.

Try #1: Looked "OK"... While the crumb was too dense, the flavor of the bread was, I thought, very good.  Very tasty with just a little bit of a sour tang to it.  The crumb felt a bit "heavy" and chewy with the first bite, but it dissolved nicely in the mouth.  I think this is what they describe as "creamy" or "gelatinous".  Not sure.  

Try #2:
I added a little commercial yeast to this one to speed up the process.  My bulk ferment and proofing times were way off (too long) and the end result was a very pale, ugly looking loaf with a very dense crumb.  

I'll try this or another recipe this week and see how it goes.  I'll have to pay particular attention to the bulk fermentation and proofing times.  


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