Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will have to do this again next week...

When I first completed the mixing, I had an extremely wet dough...  I've mixed doughs with 67% hydration but this one was way too wet for something that was supposed to be 69%.  I then realized that I looked at the wrong piece of paper when weighing out the water and added too much.  I figured out how much of an error I'd made and added enough flour to keep the right ratio of flour to water and tighten up the dough.

I thought everything looked and felt pretty good after the stretch and folds and even after I completed the first rising.  I was really encouraged when I checked the proofing of the dough after 30 minutes, it was (I think) actually (for the first time) perfect.  The finger poke test gave me a spring back but still left a small indentation.  Unfortunately, I hadn't pre-heated the oven yet (Ahhh....).  By the time the oven was ready, the dough was definitely overproofed.  It did not look or react the same to a finger poke.  Bummer.

I baked them at 450F on a pre-heated stone and actually ended up with some nice color (different than my other breads) and a good crunchy crust.  The crumb, on the other hand, was denser and heavier than anything I'd made before.  I don't know how to describe it.  The flavor was fantastic (I guess that's the result of the poolish) but to me, the crumb texture was just disappointing (although it's still darn edible :) ).  

Trial and error.  Learn a little more each time.  Back to the drawing board :)  Hopefully, the "alien" bread was better than this :)



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