Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First try with the new mixer

The new mixer is amazing!  I used the same proportions as the last batch and it really made short work of it.  I'm sure I must be handling this dough incorrectly (I'll be researching it) because I'm having a huge problem working with this particular dough (as is evident by my irregularly shaped baguettes).  It's a very sticky / tacky dough.  From what I'm reading, this is not necessarily a bad thing and many recipes call for even greater hydration.  I'll just chalk it up to my inexperience in dough handling / shaping.  They sure make it look easy on the videos though :)   However, I'm going to try another batch with a little lower hydration and see if it makes any difference in the final product.

Despite the irregular shape, this stuff is absolutely delicious!


Bargegirl said...

They do look wonderful! BTW, the "rustique" baguettes sold here are just as irregular.

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